Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Cards

Tomorrow is Earth Day and it is also our garbage/recycling day so today we made a card to give to the man who collects our recycling.  We made coffee filter earths using the same technique as we did for our flowers last month.  To start, I taped the filters to the floor of Eva's new tent (we were outside and it was a little windy) and Eva colored on them with blue and green markers.
Then we moved them onto the driveway so we could spray them with water.
Make sure to get them really wet so the colors run and then let them dry.  They dried pretty quick in the sun today.
We then glued them onto sheets of paper and Eva added eyes and a smile that I cut out of scrap paper.
I wrote a message on them.  One is for the house and one is for the man who collects our recycling.


  1. I think the earth came out so pretty!

  2. That turned out really cute! What a nice gift for the recycle man!