Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chicks Rule

Today was all about the chickens.  We started off by exploring a new sensory tub.  I replaced the split peas with cracked corn we had left over from a bird feeder project.  I hid some farm animals and the leftover seeds from our sunflower project in the corn.  We talked about how the corn that chickens eat is different from the corn that we eat (aka the "don't eat what's in the sensory tub" speech).
The corn will not be staying in the tub long as it is very dusty but it didn't seem to bother Eva.  She practiced using tongs to pick the seeds out of the corn.
For our craft today we made a chick to go in our farmyard.  I precut the head and body out of yellow construction paper and feet and a beak out of orange.  Eva glued them together while we talked about where the body parts go.
After adding the essential googly eyes, we drizzled white glue on the chick's body and Eva got to cover it with feathers.
I think this is my favorite edition to our farmyard but Eva still loves the "chocolate mud pig" the best.
I also made a new game for Eva to play using pictures of the animals we saw at the farm.  I glued the photos to 4x6 index cards and then covered them with clear contact paper (laminating would also work). There are two cards for each animal and we used them to play a matching game.
I laid them out on the floor and Eva found the animals that were the same.
Other things we could do with the cards include playing an actual memory game with the photos face down, using the pictures to select which animal to sing about next in Old MacDonald's Farm or to play a basic version of Go Fish.  Let me know if you can think of any other things we could do with the cards.


  1. Awesome stuff, as usual. Animal sounds...gross motor movements of moving like the animal...Silly rhymes (The cow says moo, boo, hoo! The pig says oink, boink, loink!), but maybe that is too old for her yet...that's all I have for the moment. Seriously, I love your blog!

    And yes - we want to go to the farm with you. Mid-May? (I owe you a real response as well. Thank you!)

  2. Great kiddo craft. I am totally going to try this one with my munchkin. :-) Thanks!!!

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