Thursday, April 15, 2010

Felt Board Fun and Vendor Rave

I have been making a lot of the pieces for Eva's felt board but they either take a long time if I make them with details or they end up just being plain shapes.  I knew I wanted to have a set of monkeys for all the fun monkey poems out there so instead of making them I looked to see if I could buy some at a reasonable price.  In my search I came across Learning Wonders and I was very impressed with both the prices and selection.  I placed my order and in just a few short days, my felt pieces arrived.  They are beautiful!

Here is Eva playing with the Five Monkeys Jumping on the Bed:
And here they are in the tree:
Pretty darn cute and Eva loves them!  I also got a set of mother and baby zoo animals.  We have been matching them, making their sounds, sorting them- the possibilities are endless!
The pieces are available pre-cut and uncut.  The animals were a pre-cut but I got the monkey set uncut and it didn't take long to cut them all out (a few innings of a Yankees game and they were done).  I highly recommend Learning Wonders and will be buying from them again soon.

**note- this is a personal review and I was not asked to give it**

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