Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This Little Piggy...

Today has been all about pigs.  We started out practicing some small motor skills by putting coins into a piggy bank.  The Easter Bunny brought Eva lots of different coins for her college fund so she had a lot to feed into the piggy.
When we were at the library this morning we discovered they have some awesome literacy packets that include books, movies and fun manipulatives such as felt board pieces, puppets and stuffed animals.  We checked out a pig one and it contained these adorable felt piggies that go along with the "This Little Piggy" poem.  Eva had so much fun playing with the pigs and reciting the poem.
Aren't they cute?  What would we do without libraries?
For a craft, I drew a pig on some tag board for Eva to color with her pink crayons.  (The original plan was to use pink construction paper but alas, our pack didn't have any.)
Then she got to make the pig muddy by finger painting on him with chocolate pudding.
Then, the best part- eating the rest of the "mud"!
I swear, I did give her a spoon but she had to get every last bit.
When the pudding was dry, I cut the pig out and he joined his buddy the sheep in the farmyard.
The weather is supposed to be gorgeous tomorrow so we are planning to go to a real farm.  If we do, I'll be sure to share pictures tomorrow evening.

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