Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jellyfish and Jello

We were busy today!  We made a jellyfish, an ocean snack, played with felt fish and began potty training.  To make the jellyfish, Eva used a loofa to paint a paper bowl.  She choose yellow and red paint and went to town.  I love how the colors look together.

While that was drying, we headed into the kitchen to make a simple ocean snack.  All you need is blue gelatin (we used Jello Berry Blaster), one cup of boiling water, one cup of cold water and some gummy fish (we used Finding Nemo fruit snacks).  Start by combining the boiling water and jello mix, then stir.
Then add the cold water and stir again.
Pour the mixture into bowls and drop a few fish in each.
Put the cups into the fridge to set for four hours.  While those were chilling, I whipped up a tissue paper ocean for our buddy the octopus from yesterday to swim in along with a fish Eva had made a while back at the museum.
Next came some time at the felt board.  We have five felt fish so this poem was perfect:

Five little fish, swimming near the shore,
One got caught and then there were four.
Four little fish, swimming in the sea,
One got caught and then there were three.
Three little fish, swimming in the blue,
One got caught and then there were two.
Two little fish swimming in the sun,
One got caught and then there was one.
One little fish, having lots of fun,
One got caught and then there were none.
To complete the jellyfish, I cut several long strips of red, yellow and orange curling ribbon and tied them together in the middle.  Eva loved how the "tentacles" wiggled.
I taped the ribbon to the inside of the bowl and then hung it up from the ceiling fan.  So pretty!

To cap off the day, we had our ocean snacks for dessert after dinner.  The fish had sunk to the bottom and I thought they got a little too chewy but that didn't stop Eva from devouring them.
As for the potty training, despite going through 6 pairs of undies in the morning and early afternoon, Eva kept her last pair dry the rest of the day.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things continue to go as well tomorrow.  

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