Sunday, April 11, 2010

We're Going to the Zoo!

This week is all about zoo animals!  We will be reading about them, acting like them and, of course, visiting them.  Yesterday we went to Zoo School at our local zoo and Eva got to meet a snake up close.  Later in the week we will be visiting the Buffalo Zoo when we visit Grammy and Papa.  Lots of animals and lots of fun!

Small Motor Activities
Sticker Zoo- Eva will fill paper cages with zoo animal stickers

Animal Puzzles- I made some simple puzzles using photos we had of animals at our zoo

Large Motor Activities
Walk Like an Animal- we will be mimicking how some of our favorite animals walk (and talk)

Circle Snake- we will start by decorating a circle and watch how cutting it a certain way transforms it into a snake

Shape Monkey- what shapes do we need to build a monkey?  you'll have to check back to see!

Handprint Elephant- using Eva's hand we will create a mini elephant or two

Curling Ribbon Lion- this lion's mane will be the fanciest you've ever seen

Learning Activities
Five Monkeys Fun- we will be acting out a few of our favorite monkey songs on the felt board

Feed the Monkeys- each monkey eats a certain number of bananas, so Eva will have to count to make sure they all get the right amount with this felt board activity

Mother and Baby Animal Match- once more we will be using the felt board to match baby animals with their mommies (can you tell I just ordered some new felt board sets?)

Zoo Checklist- we will make a list of animals that may be at the zoo and then check them off as we see them



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