Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farewell Farm Friends

We wrapped up our farm week by doing a bunch of farm puzzles.  Since Eva has moved on to actual interlocking puzzles we haven't used the wooden ones much so it was fun to dig them out again.  We had fun making animal noises as Eva placed each piece in it's spot.
We also have a floor puzzle of a farm train that fit in perfectly with this week's theme.

I also made a barn for Eva using some red construction paper and a few pictures from our farm visit.
Our last addition to the farm yard is a horse.  We started out by tracing Eva's feet on brown construction paper.
After I cut them out, Eva glued them together with a neck and four legs also cut from the paper.
We added eyes and Eva drew on a nose.  Then the batteries in my camera died so I wasn't able to take pictures of us adding the mane and tail.  They are made from pieces of twine that Eva stuck to a strip of tape.  Here he is hanging in the pasture.
(Eva is a bit tape obsessed these days so that is why there is a piece on his nose.)

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