Saturday, April 17, 2010

We Went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

how about you?  We went to the Buffalo Zoo earlier this week and saw some animals that aren't at our zoo.  They have:

mountain goats,


zebras and

Eva was especially excited about the giraffes.  She couldn't get over how tall they were and has not stopped talking about them.
To commemorate our zoo week, I made Eva her own lift-the-flap zoo while she was taking a rare but much needed nap.  I started out by putting animal stickers on a sheet of card stock.

Next, I placed a sheet of plain white paper over it and traced where the stickers were.  Then I used an exacto knife to cut around three sides of each box.  I added the bars to the cages along with the names of the animals and a road to follow around the zoo.  I glued the white paper to the card stock and- tada!- a zoo.
When Eva awoke she enjoyed her little zoo surprise.


  1. Oh my gosh - what a good Mommy! Luke loves lift the flap books, so I see a similar page in store for him. I might make one with family photos though b/c he loves looking at pictures of his relatives. I love your site!!!!

  2. That lift the flap thing is AWESOME! You are so clever!