Sunday, April 18, 2010

Celebrating Earth Day

This week is all about celebrating and caring for Mother Earth.  Thursday (April 22nd) is Earth Day so we will be thinking about all the ways we can help take care of our planet.

Large Motor Activities
Nature Walk- we will take a stroll through our neighborhood and park to look at all the wonderful things nature has to offer

Small Motor Activities
Earth Sensory Tub- the tub will be filled with wonderful dirt for Eva to dig in

Earth Muffins- we will be making these yummy treats from our friends at No Time For Flashcards

Tissue Paper Earth- using a paper plate and torn blue and green tissue paper, we will fashion a beautiful planet

Litter Bugs- this craft will allow us to repurpose some materials that usually end up in a land fill to create a fun little bug

Magazine Holder- another repurposing craft, this time we will transform an empty cereal box into a holder for all the High Five magazines we are accumulating

Newspaper Hat- how cool will we look when we recycle newspaper into snazzy hats for our nature walk

Happy Earth- after all the great reducing, recycling and reusing, the Earth will be a happier place so we will make a smiling Earth to celebrate (and maybe gift to the driver of the recycling truck if we can catch him)

Other Activities
Sorting Recyclables- Eva has been showing an interest in what goes into the recycling bin so we will look through what we collect and sort it into plastics, papers and glass

Trash Collecting- we will walk around the neighborhood and pick up any trash we see (wearing gloves, of course!)


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