Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exploring our Earth

We started out our Earth Week celebrations by making an Earth.  The concept of what the Earth is is pretty tricky for toddlers.  Eva kept asking if she could see the Earth and when I told her she was standing on it she kept searching the floor for it.  We looked at pictures online but I still don't think she understands.  The world is only so big when you are two.
We made our Earth with a paper plate and tissue paper squares.  I drew the outline of the "land" with some marker and we filled it with white glue.  Eva then added the green tissue squares.
Next came blue for the "oceans."  By this point Eva had abandoned the one-square-at-a-time method and opted for the grab-and-dump way.  Whatever works!
Here's the finished product.
We also brought the sensory tub outside and filled it with some earth (aka potting soil).  Eva loves to dig in the dirt so this was right up her alley.  I haven't even hid anything in it yet but it's a daily must-do.
We found a magnifying glass at the Dollar Tree and used that to explore nature in our yard.
There are so many things to see when we slow down and explore.  Eva's favorite thing to get a closer look at is bird poop- it is nature I guess.
Here are some other, prettier, elements of nature we discovered.
Eva even found some seeds that she extracted from a seed pod.
There is nothing like the joy of discovery!

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