Saturday, April 17, 2010


Don't be afraid, the lions here are friendly.  And quite fancy!
We started with pieces for our lion's face that I pre-cut from card stock and construction paper.
Eva glued on the parts using my face as a reference.  As she is going to place each body part on, I ask her where mine is.  For example, "Are my eyes above my nose or below my nose?  Where do you think lion's will be?".  I find this helps guide her without telling her exactly where things should go.  Plus it gets her thinking about directionality (over, under, next to, etc).
When we had all the important parts glued on, I drizzled some white glue around the entire lion's head and Eva stuck on pieces of yellow and orange curling ribbon.  I found it was easiest to cut a long piece of each, curl it and then cut it into little strips.  When he was dry he joined our elephants on display.

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