Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Farm Friends

The theme this week is farm friends!  We will be getting to know cows, pigs, sheep and many other farm animals better.

We made the sheep in the previous post using black construction paper, white paint, packing peanuts and some tag board.  Eva started out by sponge painting with white paint on the black construction paper.
When the paint dried, she had a blast squirting white glue all over the paper.
Next came the packing peanuts.  We had received a package earlier in the week so we had some on hand.  Cotton balls would work too.
It took awhile for all the glue to dry, but once it did I glued the black paper to a sheet of gray card stock and then cut out a head and legs.  Add a face and you have yourself a cute little sheep!

Small Motor Activities
Farm Puzzles- Eva has a few wooden farm puzzles that we will be playing with this week.

Seeds and Tongs- we will be pretending that the tongs are chicken beaks and we'll use them to transfer seeds from one container to another

Five Clean Squeaky Pigs- another fun felt board poem I found at this great site
Five pigs so squeaky clean Cleanest pigs you've ever seen! Wanted to go outside and play Snort!  Snort! One jumped into the mud Landed with a great big THUD! (slap thighs) Then there were four clean squeaky pigs. Oink!  Oink!  

Large Motor Activities
Barnyard Dance- we will be dancing like the animals in one of our favorite Sandra Boynton books

Making Butter- lots of shaking will be happening when we attempt to make our own butter using a baby food jar and some heavy cream

Muddy Pig- we'll start with a pink paper pig and use chocolate pudding to finger paint him all messy

Spotted Cow- can you guess what we will use to make spots on our cow?

Hatching Chick- we can help a little chick hatch with this craft that doubles as a toy

Footprint Horse- once we trace Eva's foot we will transform her footprint into a galloping friend

Other Activities
Farm Animal Sort and Count- we will be sorting animals by type and then counting how many there are of each to practice our numbers from 1-6
Farm Books


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