Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wet n Wild

It was another day packed with undersea adventures!  We made a starfish to add to our ocean, played with some sea creatures in the sensory tub and danced like the waves.
To make our starfish, I first drew a star shape on a piece of construction paper.  Eva then painted on it using various colors.
While the paint was still wet, we sprinkled some gold glitter on too.  This was one fancy starfish!
When he was dry, I cut him out and he joined his buddies in the sea.
We got a little wet today too (in more ways than one considering the way the potty training is going!).  I filled the sensory tub with water and added some bath toys, sponges and a pitcher.  Eva had a blast squeezing her new bath buddies and the sponges.
But her favorite thing to do was to scoop water from the tub and pour it into another container.  She'll be pouring her own juice in no time!
We got some movement in today as well.  I cut some strips of blue and green tulle and we danced to the soundtrack from The Little Mermaid.  We pretended the tulle was waves and moved it fast or slow depending on the tempo of the music.  Eva also did some free-styling.
Later on we realized the tulle moved like a jelly fish when we balled it up and threw it so Eva pretended she was a lobster and practiced catching it with her "claws".  (I got to be a pelican but thankfully, I didn't have to catch it with my mouth.)
Some one will be sleeping really well tonight after all the dancing and fun (and hopefully Eva will too!).

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