Friday, April 2, 2010

In your Easter bonnet

Eva loves wearing her Easter bonnet year round and even more so at Easter time.

I thought it would be fun to make a homemade bonnet to celebrate the season.  We started out with a paper bowl we had left over from a chili party.  Eva chose what color to paint it- turquoise of course!
The bowl kept wiggling around so I used a clothespin to hook it to the newspaper and that made it much easier for Eva to paint.
After drying for a few days, Eva decorated the hat with some foam Easter stickers.
Then we made tissue paper flowers.  Eva picked out turquoise and purple tissue paper and then left me to make the flowers on my own.  Start out by accordion folding the paper and then cutting it into four sections (I used pinking shears for added detail).  Then snip triangles out of the center sides of each section, stack and tie in the center.
Pull the tissue apart to fluff and there you have it! 
Next I poked a hole in the bowl to push the strings through and taped them to the inside.
It is a big hit and I'm curious to see which one she is going to want to wear Easter Sunday.
In further preparation for Easter we also colored eggs.  So much fun!

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