Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Down on the Farm

We made it to the farm today.  The weather wasn't as nice as promised but we got in a good visit before the rain came.  This was our first time visiting Springdale Farm and I was very impressed!  There were so many animals to see plus they have a tour of their robotic milking machine, as well as a petting zoo (which wasn't open yet), a playground and beautiful gardens.
We got to see this cow getting milked.
We also visited with a few of her buddies.
Eva got to meet this guy up close and loved every second of it!
When we got home we made our own spotted cow.  I drew the outline of a cow on card stock and Eva added the spots using brown paint and a loofa.
When she was dry, I cut her out and she joined the other animals in the farm yard.


  1. I know I should know this, but DUDE, how old is Eva? I feel like the biggest slacker mom and I used to think I was halfway decent! How did you make the arrangements for the farm tour? Any craft books/ideas for my 19 month old? He is a good sitter and can attend, loves books, colors for a little bit, but would rather color the table than the paper (hmmm, mental to self buy paper to cover the table tomorrow!). Is he too little for a sensory bin? (I think he would benefit from it, just not sure if it is too risky - not that he would be unattended with it obviously....) This is what I get for working with adults instead of kids! Now that we don't spend 3 of the 5 week days at doctor appointments I think we can finally get some semblance of a routine going more, well once we get past the next surgery at the end of the month anyway.....Luke and I need ideas! Help! (Please!)

  2. Kristi- I sent you a message on facebook