Friday, March 5, 2010

Super Stegosaurus

For our craft today we made a clothes pin stegosaurus based on the one I found at this awesome blog.  Eva chose the colors she wanted to use (who knows maybe some dinosaurs were turquoise!) and began painting.  I attached the clothespins to a craft stick so they wouldn't wiggle around as much when she was trying to paint them.

Then she painted the body that I had cut out of card stock (you need something stronger than regular paper to support the weight of the clothes pins).

When everything was dry, he got the required googly eye and the clothes pins (or his armored plates as Eva corrected me) were placed on his back.

I am thinking of putting numbers on the clothes pin at some point down the line so that Eva can practice counting in serial order but for now, he's a fun buddy to play with.

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  1. Kara, I LOVE your blog. I'm totally inspired by the crafts and ideas you have and I love that you post book ideas too! My son is totally into dinosaurs right now so I'm picking out some of your ideas to do with him in the coming weeks. I'd love to feature you (maybe do a Q&A) on my Busy Body Tots blog - email me if you're interested! mamajan0208 at gmail dot com