Thursday, March 25, 2010

From Seed to Flower

Today we talked about how flowers first start out as seeds.  We looked at four different types of seeds- sunflower, pumpkin, lima bean and fava bean seeds- and noticed all the ways they were alike and different.  I then dumped them into a bowl all together and Eva set out to sort them.
Then we made a giant sunflower using an oatmeal container.  Daddy did us the favor of eating up all the oatmeal first and then peeling off the container's wrapper and cutting inch wide strip all around it.  Next, Eva painted it yellow and pink.
While the paint dried, Eva tried out her new sidewalk chalk.  Since it was raining outside, I spread out some brown paper we had from a package we received and Eva got to draw on the dining room floor.
Once the paint on the flower was dry, I folded out the petals and filled the center with glue.  Eva then used the seeds from earlier to fill in the center of the sunflower.
When the glue dries we will be adding a stem and some leaves so be sure to stop back to see the finished product.  Also check out the one at Frugal Family Fun Blog that inspired ours.

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