Friday, March 19, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Fortunately we have had no rain this week but that meant no rainbows to follow to find pots of gold.  So we made our own rainbow out of construction paper.  I started out by using a compass to draw half circles on different color construction paper.  It turns out the pack of paper we have doesn't have any purple so our rainbow is not quite a full ROY G BIV.  Starting with red and going down to blue, each half circle decreases in size.  I laid them all out on Eva's art table and had her find the biggest, the next biggest and so on.  (Eva did pretty well with this but it was a little challenging.  I'm thinking of making more rainbow pieces out of felt for her to build rainbows on the felt board and further practice sorting from biggest to smallest.)
As she found each circle she glued it to the one before using a glue stick.

When all the pieces had been put together, we squirted some white glue along the bottom and glued cotton balls on for clouds.
Ta da!  A rain-free rainbow- the best kind if you ask me!

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