Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

On Saturday we welcomed a new season- Spring!  This week we will be focusing on spring things- wind, rain, flowers and birds.  Hopefully we will be able to spend some more time outdoors too but the forecast is looking a little wetter and chillier than last week.


We will be reading a bunch of books about Spring and all that this new season brings.
(Image Sources- Goodreads)
(Image Source- Amazon)
Rain is in the forecast for this week and it couldn't be spring without it.  We will be curling up on the couch to read books about rain while listening to it pitter patter on the windows.
(Image Sources- Goodreads)

When there is rain, there is bound to be wind too.  We'll see if any of these books blow us away.  (sorry- had to go there!)
(Image Sources- Goodreads)

Large Motor Activities
Wind Dancing- we will be dancing as if the wind is blowing us around; we will even use streamers to create our own wind

Nature Walk- if the weather permits, we will take a walk through the neighborhood and park to look for signs of spring

Small Motor Activities
Seed Sort- we will be sorting a variety of seeds by type, size, color and any other ways we come up with while examining them

Umbrella Mobile- we will be making an umbrella with dangling rain drops

Coffee Filter Flowers- using coffee filter and cupcake liners we will fashion some pretty spring flowers to replace the snowflakes that were hanging in our front windows

Oatmeal Container Flower- we will be making a flower similar to the one seen here

Yarn Bird's Nest- using a balloon, glue and yarn we will be creating a nest for a little feathered friend

Wind Sock and Pinwheels round out the crafts we will be attempting this week.

Other Activities
Animal Matching- we will be matching up baby animals with their mothers

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