Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coffee Filter Flowers

Despite the chilly temperatures and dampness, spring really is upon us.  Flowers are popping up in our gardens and now we have a few in our window as well.
Today we made flowers using coffee filters, markers, water and cupcake liners.  Eva started out by coloring on coffee filters with all different color markers.
Then we placed them on some newspaper and sprayed them with water until they were soaked.  When they get wet the markers bleed and the filter starts to look like a watercolor painting.
Be sure to get them really wet so the color spreads over the entire filter.  While they were drying Eva decorated some cupcake liners with markers too.

The filters don't take long to dry.  When they were no longer damp, we glued the cupcake liners to the center of the filters and then hung them in the window.  They definitely brighten up a dark, dreary day.

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