Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

It's time to jump in puddles!
After getting all our splashies out, we headed inside to make an umbrella mobile.  To get us started, I drew a bunch of raindrops on a pale blue piece of card stock and Eva painted them with glue.
Next, she sprinkled some crystal glitter on the glue to make the raindrops sparkle.
The glitter container didn't have a shaker top so I just poured some in my hand and Eva took little pinches to sprinkle.  (She's an old pro at sprinkling as Daddy lets her add the salt and other spices when they cook together.)  We then set the raindrops aside to dry and started on the umbrella.  I cut a large half-circle out of poster board.  Eva had found a giant butterfly sponge on a recent trip to JoAnn fabric that she wanted to use as a stamp so I thought this would be a good project for it.  She chose two colors- pink and turquoise- and we dipped the sponge in them and then stamped on the umbrella.
I had to help push down the sponge since it was so big.  The clothespin were hooked on to help Eva maneuver it.  After letting it dry (and getting a little someone to bed) I cut out the raindrops and attached them with string to the umbrella along with a handle cut out of a cardboard box.
I love how the raindrops sparkle.  I can't wait to see Eva reaction to the finished product in the morning.


  1. omgosh.. the rainboots are TOO cute..great puddle pics!
    I don't think they make them in Eve's size. Its tragic, really..

  2. I have a really cute pair of hot pink and black ones that Eva wore last year (size 5)- they look like mary janes and are from Carters. They are yours if you want them!