Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Week

This week we will be spending our time prepping for Easter Sunday.  Be prepared for lots of bunnies, eggs and chicks!


Small Motor Activities
Felt Easter Egg- we will be decorating a felt Easter egg on our felt board

Easter sensory tub- the split peas are still in there but what will Eva find this week hidden beneath them?

Large Motor Activities
Bunny Hop- we will be hopping around the house (and neighborhood if the weather permits) like little rabbits

Easter Egg Hunt- where will the Easter Bunny be hiding eggs this year?

Handprint Bunnies- we will be using these to decorate Easter cards for friends and family

Easter Bonnet- can't wait to see how Eva will look in a paper bowl that we will be converting into a stylish hat

Spring Lamb- we will be repurposing some packing peanuts that came along with an Easter gift

Paper Weaving- this craft involves weaving paper to make a checkered Easter egg- this will be a new activity for Eva so we will see how it goes!

Paper Plate Bunny- we will be adding eyes, ears, nose and whiskers to a paper plate to turn it into a cute bunny head

Other Activities
Coloring Eggs- this was a big hit last year so I'm sure we will have a blast again!

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