Friday, March 12, 2010

Author Spotlight

Kate and Jim McMullan

This pair of author/illustrators has produced three of Eva's absolute favorite books.  Their witty text appeals to toddlers and grownups alike and their illustrations are bright, colorful and amusing.

Two of their books go along with our vehicles theme this week.

In I Stink we get a peak at the life of a garbage truck.  The casual conversational text introduces the reader to the parts of the truck and how he does his job.  He even shares a recipe for his "yummy" alphabet soup for a little letter reinforcement (and giggles).

I'm Dirty introduces us to a backhoe loader who loves getting dirty.  He works hard to clean up a vacant lot while showing off all his cool parts.  He even goes over a little counting for some added math fun.

The duo also wrote one of Eva's favorite dinosaur books which allows us to follow along with a ferocious T-Rex on the hunt for some grub and shows that even big, bad dinosaurs need their mommies:

The books are a blast to read and believe me, you will end up reading them over and over.


  1. I think I told you before, "I'm Bad" is my son's new favorite book! I really didn't think he would like it but he asks for it all day long! lol!

  2. I'm so glad you both like it! Eva walks around saying "Peace guys" to everyone. She thinks it's hysterical! You should definitely check out their other books.