Friday, March 12, 2010

Stop and Go

All drivers know that red means stop and green means go.  To help Eva learns the rules of the road we made a traffic signal.  In preparation I cut out the black frame from construction paper and covered one side with clear contact paper.  I also cut some red, yellow and green tissue paper into squares.    I set the frame down in front of her with the sticky side of the contact paper sticking up.  Eva's job was to put the squares in the circles.

The final product looks great with the sun shining through it hanging in our window.
To continue with our rules of road, we made a road.  I cut strips of black construction paper and Eva glued them onto a sheet of green paper.

(note the sippy cup- Eva went through a digger obsession a few months back)

Next Eva got to go to town with her favorite craft supply- stickers!  I found a book of vehicle stickers in the dollar bins at Target that were perfect for this project.
As a bonus, the stickers weren't super sticky so Eva has been able to "move" her cars around on the roads and change where they are going.  It ended up being both a craft and a toy!


  1. LOVE the stoplight! I need to get contact paper so my son can do that project! He would love to have it hanging in his bedroom window....

  2. Thanks so much for the stoplight idea!!! I love how there's no glue involved. Thanks!