Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome Fall

Autumn arrives is all it's colorful glory this Thursday so we will be celebrating throughout the week.  Fall is my favorite season- the beautiful colors, the cool air, sweaters, apples, pumpkins, baking- what's not to love!

Acorn Painting- similar to our veggie paintings from last month, we'll be rolling some acorns around to make vibrant fall paintings

Leaf Prints- we'll collect some leaves to make prints

Autumn Print Making- cookie cutters and styrofoam trays will be used to make some great prints

Crayon and Wax Paper Leaves- check out these beauties that Vanessa at Vand Co. made; we'll be attempting them too

Paint Sample Autumn Wreath- see how we transform autumn colored paint samples into a fun fall wreath

Autumn Tree- with Eva's arm as the tree and tissue paper squares as the leaves, this craft will be a colorful one

Leaf Dance- we will be pretending to be leaves and dance in the wind

Leaf Hunt- the leaves have only begun to change color in our neck of the woods but we will still look for different types as we walk through the neighborhood

Leaf Sorting- we'll borrow some leaves from our sensory tub to sort according to size, color and any other attributes we can think of

Fall Sensory Tub- we have a few new additions to our September sensory tub

Acorn Matching Game- I'll be making a simple alphabet matching game for Eva to play

Songs and Poems
This is the Way We Rake the Leaves

The Leaves Are Falling One by One

I'm a Little Acorn

Autumn Leaves are Falling Down

Mouse's First Fall We're Going On A Leaf Hunt The Leaves Are Falling One By One Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch The Busy Little Squirrel Pumpkin Soup When Autumn Falls (Albert Whitman Prairie Books) The Best Fall of All Autumn Across America (Seasons Across America) How Leaves Change (Natural Science Series) Leaves! Leaves! Leaves! Leaf Jumpers Leaf Man (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards)) Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf Fletcher and the Falling Leaves Leaves When The Leaf Blew In Sleepy Bear Welcome Fall (Little Scholastic) Oliver Finds His Way

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