Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hedgehog Love

I know I've mentioned before that Eva is a hedgehog fan but I thought I'd share some of her hedgehog love with you today.  This is the source of the hedgehog obsession- her stuffed hedgie.  She has slept with this little guy every night since she was about six months old.  He has traveled to Grammy and Papa's, NYC and even stayed with her when she was hospitalized for a few weeks last year.  They are inseparable.
Last year she asked to be a hedgehog for Halloween and she was the cutest one I've ever seen.
When I saw Jill over at Meet the Dubiens had made a hand and foot print hedgehog, I knew we had to make one too.  The body of the hedgehog is Eva's foot.
Then her handprints became the quills.
Another cute little hedgehog!


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