Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall into Fall

It's finally officially Fall!!!!  Yippee!  We celebrated the arrival of the season yesterday by heading to the local farmer's market and looking for signs of fall.  Eva was excited to discover some different types of squash.
That first type is a gooseneck gourd and the second is a hubbard squash.  Eva also found a pumpkin that was almost as big as she is.
One of the farmers was nice enough to give her an apple treat too, which she ate on the way home.
Once home, we stripped off the coats (I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it's now fall) and checked out the fun autumn goodies we got at the market and then had a fall themed picnic lunch.
We also made another type of fall print, this time using leaves.  To begin, I taped the leaves to some aluminum foil and squeezed a little bit of fall colored paint on each.  Then Eva spread the paint all over the leaves with a paint brush.
Next she pushed down a piece of paper on top of the painted leaves,
and peeled it back to reveal the print.
We used finger paint but it probably would have worked better with regular paints.  It still looks neat though.
We also added some more things to our sensory tub and the exploration station.
some pumpkins,
a feathered friend,
and Indian corn.


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  2. I LOVE fall! Great pictures. Following from FFF. Would love a follow back!
    Ruthie Joyce

  3. Beautiful! I'm jealous of your fall finds. It is still 100 degrees where I live and I'm dying to dig out my fall boots and get some pumpkins! :)