Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gift Bag Back Pack

I originally planned on making this back pack out of a brown paper bag but I forgot to grab one when we were grocery shopping.  I think using a gift bag made it cuter although there wasn't much child involvement.  To start I removed the ribbon handles and cut about 2 inches off the top of the bag leaving a flap in the back.
(I forgot to take pictures while making it, but you can see the flap here)
Then I poked four holes in the back of the bag and restrung the ribbon from the handles, tying the ends in knots inside the bag.

I threaded a scrap piece of ribbon through the holes that were left in the flap from the original handle and tied it into a bow.  Velcro was placed on the inside of the flap and the outside of the front of the bag for a closure (see above pictures).  Then it was ready for a little preschooler:

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  1. very cute! what a great way to reuse some of the character bags my guy just got for his bday!