Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Print Making

This is such a fun and simple craft!  When we were grocery shopping this week I stopped by the butcher counter and asked for a couple of the styrofoam trays that they place the meat on (most will give them to you for free).  When we got home I cut the edges off so they were flat and Eva pressed fall shaped cookie cutters into them.  (I had to push down on them to make sure they made an indentation.)
Then Eva spread a thin layer of paint on each tray.
To make the prints, we laid a sheet of paper on top of the trays and pressed it down.  When we peeled back the paper, we saw our prints!
We'll be using these to make notecards but they also make great wrapping paper or book covers!


  1. Great idea... how cute.. I love those cookie cutters they would be the best for fall sandwiches