Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Sequencing

We've been talking a lot about how trees change through the seasons so I made a simple apple tree sequence for Eva to work with.  On 4x6 index cards I drew an apple tree in each season and then let Eva put them in order.
The winter tree is bare, the spring one has blossoms, the summer ones has smal green apples and the fall on has big red ones.  They were such a big hit, I made another apples sequence for her too.
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  1. could u email me these files ...we did apples friday for johnny appleseed day?

  2. Hi Emma, I hand drew these but if I can figure out how to make them into a pdf, I'll email them to you just send me an address. Thanks!

  3. Hi Kara, could you email me these files too? Thanks!