Monday, September 20, 2010

Paint Sample Fall Wreath

About a month ago while wandering through Home Depot I discovered that Behr paint had samples shaped like leaves.  I immediately knew they would come in handy when fall rolled around so I grabbed a few ton.  We need a new front door wreath so I thought the leaves would be perfect.
To begin I cut a circle out of some leftover matte board and Eva colored it with fall colored crayons.
While she was doing that I traced her hand and cut out a bunch of handprints from the regular paint samples.
I drizzled white glue all over the wreath base and then Eva placed the leaves on as she pleased.  We kept layering on the leaves until it looked just right.
When it was dry I added some ribbon for hanging and onto the front it went.
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  1. That is super cute! I think we might give it a try, but will probably just use construction paper unless I get to Home Depot any time soon. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Very cute idea! I have been trying to think of something cute for our kitchen wall to replace our flowers. This may be it! Thanks!