Monday, July 19, 2010

Sea Shore Scene

We set out today to create a beach scene using some scrap book paper I picked up a few weeks ago when JoAnn's had it on sale 5 sheets for 99¢.  I cut three different sheets to be layered and Eva set to gluing them together.
We started with the sky and then added the water and sand.
To embellish it Eva added some sea shells I punched out of scrap paper using a hole punch I picked up at the Dollar Store (gotta love cheap craft supplies!)
Some sea animal stickers and our beach scene is complete.
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  1. This is a good one for my sea creature - obsessed daughter. Plus, any project where a glue stick is involved is an automatic hit with her!

  2. Great way to get her creativity flowing! I bet she has good memories of the beach. : ) Thanks for sharing!