Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach Blanket Babe

It was the perfect day to go to the beach.  Not too hot, not too sunny, no rain in the forecast- who could ask for more!  We had a blast digging in the sand,
looking for sea side treasures,
feeling the sand between our toes,
and Eva's favorite beach activity, chasing sea gulls.
They weren't too happy about that!
We took in the sights and we even managed to cool off a little in the lake (but Eva insisted on being held the entire time so no pics of that).
We found a few things to add to our exploration center too- a piece of driftwood, a stick, some shells and even a bit of seaweed!
Eva's favorite is a shell she says came from a snail.  She stuck it on the end of the stick to make it a "shell flower"- I just love how creative little ones can be!

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