Friday, July 16, 2010

Shells A-Plenty

We found some more shells.  I forgot I had these back in my old bedroom but Eva was thrilled to inherit them.
She loves examining them with her magnifying glass,
deciding if they are heavy or light,
and counting them.
We also played a new game with the alphabet shells I made that were inspired by our friends at Along the Way.  I found 26 clam-type shells and wrote a letter of the alphabet in each.  I arranged them on a cookie sheet with some pebbles to keep them upright.
Eva tosses little pompoms into the tray and names the letters that they land in.
She also found the letters in her name and dropped a pompom in each.
We also discovered that the starfish can't stay on the window seat because our dog keeps trying to eat them so they now reside on the window sill.  Is there anything dogs won't eat?

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