Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zebra Crossing

We didn't get to all of our planned crafts this week but we did make a zebra.  Eva has been learning how to use scissors so she was able to practice her new skills by cutting out black stripes for her zebra.  Daddy got in on the fun too!
While they were busy cutting stripes, I cut a zebra out of white paper (Daddy helped by drawing one for us) and then Eva used her glue stick to stick the stripes to the zebra.
No craft is complete without a googly eye, of course.  Now we have a zebra prancing through our dining room jungle.
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  1. great zebra :) i love reading your blog and i have an award for you over at butterfly wishes and wonderland dreams!

  2. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I have given you the Sunshine Award because I think that you have a great blog.

    Have a great day!
    My Delicious Ambiguity