Monday, July 12, 2010

Beach Bums

Summer just isn't complete without a trip to the beach.  This theme will be spread out over the next two weeks (my dad is having his hip replaced so we will be spending a lot of time traveling back and forth between cities) so sit back, pour yourself a cold drink and relax to the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore while we learn all about beaches.

Sea Shell Alphabet Games- check out these awesome ideas at Along the Way; we have our sea shells ready!

Beach Sensory Tub- the tub is filled with sand and lots of fun beach things to uncover and explore

Sea Shell Sorting- say that five times fast; we'll be looking for similarities and differences among our collection of shells

Crab Walk- can you skitter like a crab?  I wonder if Eva can?

Sink or Float- the kiddie pool will be a perfect place to experiment

Field Trip
Beach- it wouldn't be right to talk about the beach without taking a trip to one- we'll check out one our local beaches along the shore of Lake Ontario

Sandpaper Sand Castle- Eva will build a sandcastle using shapes cut out of sandpaper

Beach Scene- I found some cute beach-y scrapbook paper that we'll use to make a seashore scene

Ice Cube Painting- using ice cubes colored with food coloring, we'll make a refreshing painting

Beach in a Bottle- a way to bottle up the beach and keep it with us year round

Sandy Dessert- we'll combine vanilla pudding and crushed graham crackers to make this edible beach replica

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