Sunday, July 25, 2010

Camp Back-in-the-Yard

This week we will be upping our outdoorsy-ness.  My idea of roughing it is staying in a three star hotel but we won't be going any farther than our backyard, so I think we will survive!

Backyard Camp- we'll pitch a tent and snuggle up for some ghost stories, sing-a-longs and flashlight fun

Hike in the Woods- what will we discover when we hike our way through the woods in the park across the street?

Nature Collecting- we'll gather up bits of nature (all things that have already fallen, of course) to use for our exploration area and various crafts

Sensory/Exploration- the sand is gone and in it's place are some rocks and critters to examine, as well as pinecones and anything we find on our hike

Biggest to Smallest- we'll arrange pinecones, rocks and leaves in size order

Nature Bracelet- before heading out on our hike, we'll wrap a piece of masking tape around our wrist and see what bits of nature adhere to them

Bonfire- paper towel tubes and tissue paper will be transformed into a glowing fire for our camp

Hiking Gear- we'll make a vest out of a paper bag and binoculars out of toilet paper tubes for our hike

Nature Rubbings- we'll use some of the objects we collect to make rubbings and maybe we'll paint with them too

Paper Peek-a-Boo Tent- who will be sleeping in this fun little tent?

S'Mores- no camp experience is complete without this yummy treat so we'll try a few variations

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  1. Just got your comment on my blog (frymanfour). Read through a couple of pages of your posts, and it seems we have tons in common! I was a teacher before I had my boys, and I LOVE themes! I'm going to become a follower so I can keep up!

  2. Thanks! I became a follower of yours too!