Thursday, July 29, 2010

Outdoor Exploration Station

It was a gorgeous day so we moved the exploration station outside.  Eva was able to examine all the neat things she collected on our hike yesterday, as well as a bird's nest her grammy found for her.
We worked on the concept of biggest to smallest using the five acorns Eva found.  She did a lot better with this than I expected!
We also made some leaf rubbings.  I ended up doing the rubbing and then Eva had to match the leaf to it's print.
There is nothing like enjoying nature out in the "wild".
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  1. Okay seriously - would you get this all into a spiral bound book so I can buy it from you? You seriously need to write a curriculum - well just publish this one. I bought a curriculum online for Luke and it was not nearly as interactive or GOOD as yours. Dude - you need to do this!!

  2. Thanks Kristi! Dave and I were actually talking about this at dinner tonight- I'll have to get on it!

  3. Such a great way to get kids to love nature. I plan on having a nature themed unit as soon as the weather starts to cooperate and get a little cooler. Your pictures have gotten me excited for fall!