Tuesday, June 29, 2010

July Fourth Fun

This week we will be preparing for the Fourth of July with a bunch of patriotic activities.

Small Motor Activities
Musical Instruments- we'll bring out the instruments we made for Memorial Day to play along with patriotic music

Pattern Stars- we'll use red, white and blue stars to create patterns

Large Motor Activities
Marching- left, right, left, we'll be marching around the yard in our own little parade

Sparkler Twirling- we'll put to use the fire-free sparklers we plan on making

Sparklers- these sparklers won't ever burn out because they'll be made from pencils and patriotic garland

Glitter Fireworks- we'll loofah paint some glue and then add sparkling glitter to form these Fourth of July must-haves

Red, White and Blue Star Painting- we'll use star cookie cutters and star-shaped sponges to make an All-American collage

Condiment Finger Painting- nothing says the Fourth like hot dogs so we will honor that holiday tradition by finger painting with ketchup and mustard

Field Trip
Train Ride around America- okay we won't be going on a ride around the entire country but we will go on the train at the local children's museum and check out the giant postcards from around the U.S.A

Fourth of July Parade- an annual tradition!

(Image source- http://www.goodreads.com/)


  1. Hi, Kara! I think you have great ideas! I think it is fun we started blogging around the same time with a somewhat similar idea! Thanks for visiting my blog!