Thursday, June 3, 2010

To Market

It was a wet and dreary morning, but we headed to the market nonetheless.  While it is outdoors, it's covered so we were able to shop for our plants and stay dry.  By the time we arrived home the sun had peeked out and we were able to unload our bounty.
We were able to get some dahlias, herbs (basil, dill, oregano, purple basil, parsley, cilantro, rosemary and chives) and veggie plants (brussel sprouts, cucumbers, beans, peas and lettuce).  We also bought some fresh snap peas.
Eva loves them straight from the pod.  We got a few more of the plants in the garden and now we're off to finish our markers so we can remember where everything is!
We also made a stepping stone to help us get around in the garden using a kit Eva received as a birthday gift.
Eva had a blast decorating it.  It should be dry in a few days and then we can see how it looks among the  plants.  I think it's almost too cute to step on!

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