Sunday, June 27, 2010


I saw this popsicle matching game on Roots and Wings not long ago and decided to make a similar one for Eva.  Rather than matching colors I decided to make it a letter matching game.  Each popsicle top has a capital letter (I made twelve, using mostly letters that Eva knows very well and a few that sometimes trick her) and a sticker of something that begins with the letter on the opposite side.  The sticks have the upper case letter on one side and the lower case on the other side.  There are two ways to make matches- upper case/lower case or sound to letter.
Eva went right for matching letters to the sounds they make and was able to check her matches by flipping the popsicle over to see if the letters matched.
I ended up having to make a little notch in each popsicle top to make it easier for Eva to insert the sticks.
We also made some healthy yogurt popsicles for dessert.  We combined two cups of low fat plain yogurt and two cups of mixed berries along with a few squirts of honey in the blender and then poured the misture into popsicle molds.  Eva had fun inserting the sticks.  (Next time I'll only use a cup of each because this made more than what we needed to fill the mold.)
Yum!  Yum!  Yum!
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  1. This looks fantastic! What a great adaptation of my version! Thanks for linking to us!

  2. those turned out awesome! very fun!

  3. I saw that on Roots and Wings too, I love that blog! It's great how you modified it to work for you and so nice how you made it self correcting!