Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ants Go Marching...

Unfortunately most picnics end up having a few uninvited guests- ants.  So picnic week wouldn't be complete without at least one!  To make ours, we started with a piece of black construction paper that I folded into four strips.  I cut along the folds and then took one strip and again folded it into fours and cut.
Eva used her glue stick to put glue at the edge of each of the three fat strips and I formed them into loops.
After three loops were formed, we glued them together.
Finally we glued two of the skinny strips in one loop and another strip in the middle loop to create the legs.  The final strip was folded in half and glued to the top of the empty loop to make antennae.  Eva added a mouth and googly eyes to complete the ant.
I guess this is one ant we wouldn't mind having show up at our picnic.

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