Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Woofer!

Today is our dog Woofer's 14th birthday.  We will be celebrating pets all week in her honor.

Dog Puppet- we will transform an envelope into a pretend Woofer like the one seen here

Paper Plate Fish Bowl- we'll be borrowing an idea from our friends at Meet the Dubiens and using finger prints to create a fish scene

Pet Rock- the best kind of pet to have- no noise, no mess!

Pet Costumes- we'll craft some ears and tails so we can dress up like cats and bunnies

Small Motor Activities
Digging for Bones- there will be some dog bones hidden in the sensory tub for Eva to dig up (and share with Woofer!)

Pretend Play
Veterinarian- Eva's doctor kit will come in handy when examining sick pets and helping them get healthy

Field Trip
Pet Store- we'll head to the local pet store to see some of the usual pets (fish, dogs, cats) and check out some of the more exotic ones as well

I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bubble Bee
How Much is that Doggy in the Window

Always In Trouble One Frog Too Many (Boy, Dog, Frog) Moonbear's Pet An Octopus Followed Me Home Rover (Bloomsbury Paperbacks) My Dog Toby Pet of a Pet Patches: Lost And Found The Best Pet of All Petropolis Fritz's Fish Aggie and Ben: Three Stories What Pet To Get? Birthday Pet Pet Shop Lullaby Clifford The Big Red Dog Snuggle Puppy (Boynton on Board) K is For Kitten Dear Zoo: A Pop-up Book

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