Sunday, June 6, 2010

Books of the Week

I'm adding a new feature.  Each week Eva and I will pick a favorite book from the week's theme and write a short review of it.

My favorite book this week was Counting in the Garden by Kim Parker.
Counting In The Garden
I love the illustrations in this basic counting book.  They are so bright and cheerful with lots of little details. The animals are absolutely adorable and the vocabulary is toddler friendly while introducing new words like "frolicking".  
Eva's choice for her favorite book this week is Planting Seeds by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.
Planting Seeds (Board Buddies)
This board book goes through the life cycle of a carrot while also reinforcing counting from 1-10.  When asked what she liked best about it, Eva replied, "The bunnies and the carrots."  She was also able to "read" this book herself after having it read to her once so it's great for beginning readers.

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