Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Wonders

In the two weeks prior to me starting this blog we spent our time talking about all things winter- snow, snowmen, ice skating, sledding, mittens, etc.  Here are a few of the crafts we made:

Marshmallow Snowman:

We glued mini marshmallows to the paper in circle shapes and then drew on eyes, a mouth and a button.  I twisted an orange pipe cleaner to make the carrot nose and just pushed it through the paper.

Ice Skates:

Eva used water colors to paint the ice skates and I added tin foil blades and some embroidery thread for laces.

Paper Plate Snowman:

Eva drew a face on one paper plate and buttons on the other two.  I taped them together and added a tissue paper hat and scarf while Eva bent tan pipe cleaners for the arms.  This guy now hangs on our front door.  If I had known that's where I would end up putting him I would have had Eva draw the face with markers rather than crayons.

Snowflake Painting:

We found a use for the old bottle brush- it makes great snowflakes!  Eva dipped the brush in white paint and stamped away to make a lovely snow storm.

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