Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Penguin Fun

Rockhopper penguins get their name from their ability to hop on and off of rocks (some one was really creative when they came up with that one).  In honor of Hoppy and Rockhoppers everywhere, we practiced hopping from rock to rock.  I taped paper plates to the floor and we went hopping.
Hoppy joined in on the fun.  (sorry about the blurry pics- I had the camera on the wrong setting)

We also made fingerprint penguins in eggs to practice our counting.

I added beaks and feet once the ink had dried.  Eva did a great job putting the right number of penguins in each egg.

On Friday we are going to the zoo for a class on owls.  (Please don't let the snow storm that's coming our way be as bad as they are predicting- Eva's heart is set on going to the zoo!)  To help us get a better look at the animals, we made binoculars.  We started with a paper towel tube (toilet paper tubes would work too) and Eva used her paint pens to decorate it.

Then I cut it in half and used packing tape to hold the two pieces together.  After adding a strap, the binoculars were ready to be tested out.

When we were at the library yesterday for story time, we found a few more polar pals books:

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