Thursday, February 25, 2010

Polar Bears and Baby Seals

Today was cold and snowy so we spent the afternoon in.  We started off by making a baby seal out of an old sock.  I stuffed it will poly-fill and tied off the end and then Eva used markers to draw on the face.

He's a cuddly little guy and Hoppy is enjoying having a buddy.

We also made a torn paper polar bear.  I had some cute black and white polka dot tissue paper that reminded me of snow so I glued it on a piece of cardstock (one of those rectangles that are folded into kids' jammies- I save everything!).  I then drew a circle with marker and let Eva fill it with glue (we used a glue stick for this project).   She then went to town covering the glue with torn pieces of white construction paper.  I had her try tearing it but it was a little too tricky for her so I ripped it up instead.

  As you know, no project is complete in our house without googly eyes so Eva put on two of those along with a tissue paper nose and a marker-drawn mouth.  Ta-daa!   A polar bear:

After cleaning up our craft supplies we tried building snow towers using marshmallows.  Eva had a blast trying to stack them up.

But I think her favorite part was when the tower would fall.

I thought it would be a nice treat to have a few for a snack but apparently Eva feels the same way about marshmallows that I do:

What's funny is she loves the mini ones.  Oh well, we'll just have to make rice krispy treats with the rest of the big ones!

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