Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day

Well we ended up getting all the snow that was forecast.  Thus the zoo was closed so no zoo school today.  I hope they reschedule because Eva was really looking forward to it.

With the entire morning freed up we decided to bundle up and head out into the wintry wonderland.  Our fabulous neighbor used his snow blower on our driveway this morning making it much easier for Eva to walk.  I stuck her up on the front lawn when we first got out but she freaked- the snow came up to her waist and she couldn't move.  So she hung out on the sidewalk instead while mommy dug out a hole on the front lawn to build this guy:

We also did a little sledding, made some snow angels and Eva tried making snowballs to throw at me.  Thankfully her typically strong throwing arm was hindered by all the layers of clothes she had on!

One last picture of my sweetie in the snow and then I'll be back a little later with pictures of the owl puppet we made this afternoon.

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