Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dinosaur Doings

This week we will be exploring the exciting world of dinosaurs.  Eva is a big fan of T-Rexes and Triceratops so we will be having a blast learning more about them and their prehistoric friends.


We have lots of favorite dinosaur books at home and a bunch we will be checking out at the library.

A few of Eva's favorites include:



Large Motor Activities

Bipeds and Quadrupeds- we will try walking like our pals the T-Rex on two feet and Triceratops on four feet to figure out which one moved faster. 

Small Motor Activities

Digging for Dinos-  the sensory tub will be filled with dinosaur bones just waiting to be unearthed

Making Fossils- we will be using toy dinos to stamp fossils into our play dough


Handprint and Clothespin Dinosaurs-  if you haven't checked out this blog yet- it is a must see!

Dinosaur Eggs-  we will be painting a cardboard egg with a surprise inside

Dino Skeletons- we will be using various types of pasta to glue together a dino skeleton

Other Activities

There is a dinosaur exhibit at the local science museum that we may go see.  I've gotten mixed reviews as to how age appropriate it is for a two year old (the robotic dinosaurs may be a little scary while the rest of the exhibit is geared toward older children) so it will probably be a coin toss.

Dinosaur Felt Board Song-  we will be acting out this song with our felt board
Five enormous dinosaurs
Letting out a roar--
One went away, and
Then there were four.
Four enormous dinosaurs
Crashing down a tree--
One went away, and 
Then there were three.
Three enormous dinosaurs
Eating tiger stew--
One went away, and 
Then there were two.
Two enormous dinosaurs
Trying to run--
One ran away, and then there was one.
One enormous dinosaur, 
Afraid to be a hero--
He went away, and
Then there was zero.

Be sure to check back throughout the week to see how much fun we are having and to check out our finished products!

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