Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meet Hoppy

Hoppy is Eva's Rockhopper penguin.  He goes everywhere with her.  Everywhere.  The other day Eva informed me that Hoppy was hungry and that he eats fish.  Not dog food.  (Good to know.)  I whipped up a couple stuffed fish for him and then he joined Eva for snack time.  She had some yummy S'mores Goldfish crackers that Grammy sent her.

Now on to our craft.  We made footprint penguins.  This was so much fun.  Eva wasn't quite sure what to make of me painting her feet but she loved the final product.

No project is complete in our house without googly eyes.  After the paint had dried we stuck them on with glue dots and then Eva added some water for the penguins to swim in.  I think this turned out really cute- the penguins look like they are dancing just like the ones in "the penguin movie"  (aka Happy Feet).


  1. Just wanted to say totally loving your blog! My Dd is still a little too young for some of these things, but your ideas are great! It's definitely inspired me to try some news things with her!